Heikoff Law, LLC provides its clients the advantages of

in-depth knowledge, legal and business experience, and the skill and talent for success.​


Landlord & Tenant

  • Build to Suit
  • Ground

​​​Real Estate Transactions and Related Busi​ness Matters

Commercial & Residential

  • Negotiation
  • Contract Drafting & Review
  • Title, Survey Review
  • ​For Sale by Owner
  • Co-Purchase Agreements​​
  • ​Co-Ownership Agreements



  • Property Management
  • Office
  • Retail

Property Development:


​   Sub & Vendor Contracts                       





Landlord & Tenant

 With years of top legal and business experience, Heikoff Law ensures 

clients' goals are accomplished in the most successful ​and effective manner. 

​​​​​Serving Clients in Metro Denver and Throughout Colorado

Purchase & Sales​



Heikoff Law, LLC  is committed to providing exceptional legal representation in Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions, Related Matters, and other Property Interests.



​​Ensuring the highest quality

of legal services, 

Heikoff Law, LLC takes pride in its passion & commitment to achieve each client's goals. 

Buying or leasing a new residence is

an exciting - but often stressful - adventure. 

Heikoff Law provides solid advice

at those moments.​

 Real Estate &

 Business Concerns  

  • ​​​​​​​Negotiation 
  • Contract Drafting & Review
  • Due Diligence
  • Title, Survey Review

 Purchase & Sales

  • Real Estate Broker Agreements
  • Construction Contracts
  • Sub-Contractor Agreements
  • Architect Agreements
  • Project Management Contracts
  • Design Professional Agreements


Heikoff Law has a well-deserved 
reputation ​of excellence in providing
smart, sensible, and affordable legal
solutions, no matter size or complexity.



  • Construction Contracts
  • Project Management Contracts
  • Design Professional Agreements
  • Architect Agreements
  • Sub-Contractor Agreements
  • Apartment
  • Condominium
  • House
  • Co-Tenant Agreements
  • Roommate Agreements


Contracts: Review, Drafting

​​​Prospective Due Diligence​​


Lenders​​ & Borrowers

​​Easements / Rights of Way​

​​​Property Rights​​​

​Professional Services Contracts