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  • Shared Purchase Agreements​​

​Leasing: Landlord or Tenant

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  • Project Management Contracts
  • Design Professional Agreements
  • Architect Agreements
  • Sub-Contractor Agreements

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  • ​​​​​Negotiation 
  • Contract Review
  • Due Diligence: Title, Survey Review

Leasing, Landlord or Tenant




Heikoff Law, LLCis committed to providing exceptional legal representation in commercial and residential real estate transactions, related matters, and other property interests.

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Buying or leasing a new residence is

an exciting - but stressful - time of your life.

Heikoff Law provides solid advice

at those moments.​

Contract Review

Prospective Due Diligence

​Lending, Borrowers & Lenders

Easements / Rights of Way

Property Rights​


Professional Services Contracts

Real Estate &

Business Concerns:   

Property Development

Construction, Vender Contracts                           



 Real Estate Transactions,

Property Interests

and Related Business Matters



Purchase and Sales​

Heikoff Law has a well-deserved 
reputation ​of excellence in providing
smart, sensible, and affordable legal
solutions, no matter size or complexity.

 With years of top legal and business experience, Heikoff Law ensures 

clients' goals are accomplished in the most successful ​and effective manner. 

Attorney Barb Heikoff, founder of Heikoff Law, LLC, provides

her clients the advantages of in-depth knowledge, legal and business experience, and the skill and talent for success.

​​Headquartered in Metro Denver,

Representing Clients Across the Front Range

and throughout Colorado

Ensuring the highest quality of legal services for

real estate transactions,Heikoff Law,  LLCtakes pride in its passion and commitment to achieve each client's goals.  

  • Real Estate Broker Agreements
  • Construction Contracts
  • Sub-Contractor Agreements
  • Architect Agreements
  • Project Management Contracts
  • Design Professional Agreements